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    What do you think about K8NF-9 board ?

    Hello everyone..I'll buy new motherboard but i have only 80-85$ max so I choose this:
    What do you think about this mb ? I'm not going to overclock it too much...i have A64 3000+ and i think @to 2000-2200MHz max..
    What is the best mb about this money?

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    I have GA-K8N Ultra-9, and I'm very pleased with it. Ultra version can handle some OC, my Winchester 3000+ is stable @ ~2350MHz. I don't know how good is non-Ultra version, but theese boards have same PCB and many components so i think it would beheve similar to the ultra version.

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    What about PCI lock? Is it working correctly? I heard there is no S.M.A.R.T. function in BIOS... ?

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    Just to say again i have ULTRA version, pci lock is ok, and there is S.M.A.R.T. but you should check again for non-Ultra version.
    Sory I'm not much of a help.

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    I have GA-K8NF-9 non-Ultra model and I must say that Im not pleased at all.

    -First of all, the chipset is hot,hot,hot (sometimes over 60 degrees) so that means you'll have to buy some cooler if you want to OC.

    -2nd, GA-K8NF-9 is not very impressive for OC (at least im my case it wasn't)
    Got myself 3000+ Venice, but i couldn't OC it more then 1.97Ghz cos i can't rise motherboard's freq more than 218.I changed my memory stick just to make sure...but no.........problem is in motherboard alright.....

    -Third, this motherboard does not have much manual settings. There is NO MANUAL settings for memory timings at all!
    Just bunch of automatic-top-performanse-crapy ones.
    My advice is : DON'T BUY IT.

    Go and buy some good ABIT model. I hear that some MSI motherboards are quite good.

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    Angry i found out more about my motherboard:
    By pressing CTRL+F1 in BIOS you can unlock advanced options for overclocking such as memory timings etc.
    But still......mootherboard has such bad cooling system that i could't do anything at all.
    One moment it works on 218Mhz and sometimes it can;t work on 210Mhz...
    I gonna buy some coolers for that chipset>>>hope it will do the trick but im not too much optimistic.

    just buy some other motherboard...

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    I have the GA-K8NF-9 and first things first, it is a fine board. You can flash it to the ultra f3 bios, which I think ocs better. Yes, you will have to add cooling to the chipset; know idea why they don't put that on anymore. Also, pull the heat sink off and get that crappy pad off and put as5 or what ever your poison is on it. After that I could oc to 240*10 with an HT of 3, couldn't go higher than 3. Had to bump the cpu voltage up by .05. After all that it runs fine have not gone any higher.

    MSI P6N-Sli, E8400 C2D @ 3.6 Ghz, 2 x 2 Gb of DDR2 800 Geil, EVGA 9800GTX+ 512 sli, 22" WS and Vista Ultimate X64, SP1

    MSI P6N-Sli, E2160 @ 3 Ghz, 2 x 1 Gb of DDR2 800 Geil, ATI X1950XTX,19" LCD and Vista Ultimate X64

    MSI P6N-Sli, E2160 @ 3 Ghz, 2 x 1 Gb of DDR2 800 Geil, Asus 3850-512, 19"LCD and Vista HP X64

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    Aug 2004 update.
    Had myself replaced gray thermal paste.
    Also find out that my kingstone (DDR 400) is not very good working with this motherboard, so i loosen timings to minimum.
    Now flashed bios to F9. Then I managed to go 7x329Mhz that is @ 2.30Ghz, (Venice 3000+) while my HT=1
    I can't boot it if HT is 1.5 or 2.0 and also can't get 2.30ghz at any other multiplier.
    I also have some crappy Codegen 350w power sopply so i think to get rid of it for start
    Any advice ???
    How could i go higher?
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