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    DVI and anologue?

    Hi all

    I need to buy a tft and have been looking at them with a budget of 220. Some i hae seen are soley anologue interface and others a mix (with DVI).

    Currently i dont have a DVI capable graphics card but im looking into buying one soon ish. Will it be possible for me to run an anologue monitor off a DVI card??

    Should i be looking into the DVI TFT market since im going that way with the gfx card and am going to spend around or up to "220?

    Thanku guys

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    All the ATI cards I've had lately have both analog and DVI connectors. Not sure about the Nvidia cards.If you aren't picky, then an analog signal will work fine for you. The digital signal is a cleaner signal though.
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    Most of the cards I have seen with DVI type connectors really had DVI-I ones. DVI-I as a normal DVI one when connected to a DVI monitor. If you use a DVI-to-VGA adapter with a DVI-I connector then you can hook up a regular VGA monitor to it.

    In other words with a DVI-I connector the pins for both digital and analog are on the connector.
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