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    World of Warcraft runs faster in RAID 0?

    I have friends that play WoW and they say lagforge (lavaforge) runs damn slow. It's because their hard drives are continuously loading new graphics for characters that keep arriving through flight paths and other areas. Wouldn't RAID 0 improve framerates a lot for this situation? I've also heard that 40 person raids in blackwinglair are slow because new MOBS keep arriving. People say RAID 0 only shows slight improvements for load time during games, but for MMO's it's gameplay too!!

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    Raid 0 woudl help load times, yes.. but most of the loading happens before, as you LOG on the character.. not while your playing.
    The lag in Ironforge is mostly due to a lack of Ram, older video cards.

    some games do load some things as you play, so it might help, but normally when you load while gameplay, the loading is at a slow rate, so it does not interfear woth gameplay...

    I'm not 100% sure how WoW is made.. so I can't say for sure.

    How much Ram do they have?
    What Video Cards?

    I'd look at those before Hard drive..

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    No one has nearly enough RAM to load an entire "level" when playing MMO's. Also, the game cannot predict what type of texture a character will be wearing when they suddenly "appear" beside the griffon in lavaforge. The textures are loaded dynamically as soon as the character appears by the hard drive. I actually looked at my friends hard drive when he was standing still beside the griffon in lavaforge and yes, there was constant loading. So it makes sense that RAID 0 with at least 2 hard drives would speed up the game? Especially if you were getting 10 fps. RAID 0 with 2 harddrives would give you 20 fps, with 4 would give you 40 fps, if the other parts of my friends system could obtain those framerates. And they can.

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    But Still, Raid0, won't help much if the game is pushing everything else at max, if the processor, for example can't keep up.

    If everything else shoudl be able to keep up with it, then yes it should of course improve performance,

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    raid 0 wont "double" your FPS at all - it may assist in loading but the harddrive still have to seek and find textures.

    and f your getting 10FPS - there is more wrong with your system then the harddrive.

    perhaps they have old 5400 RPM hd's or just too much stuff on their HD's

    i would think a Raptor may be better if these textures arent massive files - unless the have SATAII slots and get some of the nice fast SATAII drives out there giving raptors a run for their money in single drive configurations.

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    SATA II only has a faster bandwidth of 300 mb/s, it doesn't have faster read / write speeds, so who cares if you're comparing a raptor to a raid 0 configuration of IDE, SATA, or SATA II. Won't a raid with either IDE, SATA, or SATA-II be faster than a raptor because there is no bottleneck at 133 mb/s, 150 mb/s or 300 mb/s? What I am saying is, just because the BANDWIDTH is 300 mb/s, that doesn't mean that the hard drive sends data to the host at 300 mb/s, it's much less.
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