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    Need help finding specs on this FAN

    I have this FOXCONN 92mm. Model PV902512P.

    It's a 12V DC rated at 0.37A 92mmx25mm fan.

    It has a 4 mini pin out (can plug into a 3 pins connector) -blk, yellow, green, blue. of which when I plug into a 3 pin connect, only the blk, yellow, green are connected.

    Can anyone help me find specs on how many CFM this fan push and what's that blue wire does? - I don't think it's rpm monitoring since I was able to monitor the RPM through my IC7-G when used the other 3 pins.

    thanks a lot
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    Foxconn does not list this fan, I suspect it is a rebadged fan and not made by them.

    There also is no fan listed anywhere on the net regarding that Foxconn model number. The only way you can find out is by calling Foxconn
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