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    Question is a mobile processor ok for desktop use?

    Is there anything at all that would prevent me from using this in any standard socket 754 MB? What is the difference between this mobile unit and the non-mobile? I want t0 use it in a desktop PC w/ standard parts, fan etc.

    What don't I know, the price seems too good to be true.

    Can anyone tell me the difference between these two chips? I need to order one today, thanks!

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    If it uses the same socket and pinout, it should be good. As far as amd is concerned, there actually isn't a lot of difference between a mobile and a non-mobile CPU. It used to be powernow support, but now desktop cps have that.

    The only thing I'd be a little worried about is bios support, but it should work even if the bios doesn't recognise it (although I myself have never tried).
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    For the most part, modern amd mobiles now are just lower voltage versions. This means you generally get a cooler, les power hungry cpu. These are ideal for overclocking, sometimes.
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    The problem is that I just quoted a 754 system to one of my customers, but none of my regular wholesalers has the 3200+ 754 in stock, so I am forced to look to an online seller for this one. The mobile unit is $40 cheaper, but I am not %100 certain if it would work with the Mobo. I may just get the retail box. The cheaper one is OEM and I will also need to buy a fan, so the difference may only be like $25. I may not make as much on this one, but it won't come back to haunt me.

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