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    Ultra sensitive mic

    I am looking for a super sensitive microphone that it realitivly small and can even hear from distances.
    This microphone will not be used on my computer. So It would have to power and record itself

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    dosent senheiser make good ones
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    My PC150 from Senheiser have a non-sensitive mic conversly, I have to basically eat it for people to hear me- dont know if this is just mine or perhaps a overall prob.
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    If you are like to build stuff, pull the mic from a cell phone. I made a gamer mic from one, and it was so sensitive that I had to turn it away from my mouth.

    Not sure what you meant by "would have to power and record itself".
    Here's my thread with pictures.

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    What I meant was a microphne that does not hookup to the computer (So it comes with its own power like batteries and a recorder) so it does not rely on the computer to power it and the software on it to record.
    Ever watch theres somthing about mary? He had his "spy mic". That is along the lines of what I need

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