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    Pump suggestions for this setup?

    Recently got a new system put together and the new configuration just wont allow for my Iwaki MD-20RZT to fit in the case anymore.

    What I have:
    Storm G5
    Silverprop Fusion HL GPU
    2-302 HC
    Swiftech 5 1/2" Bay Res.
    7/16" Tubing

    I guess I need a small pump that will work well with that stuff, and hopefully later allow for another GPU block if I go SLI. Looking at the D5 but not sure if it would be best.

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    flow modded 350 or a 655 should do just fine.
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    Yeah the 655 will do well, unless of course you need to be Ub3r-L33ch then you may need to get an RD-30.
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