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    dell inspiron 2650 keyboard removal

    a friend of mine spilled a pop on her keyboard of her inspiron 2650, all the keys still work they just get stuck while pressing on them, how do i remove the keyboard, or does anyone have a link showing how to take that lapy apart? thanks!

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    The easiest way is to find an Inspiron 2650 Service Manual off the net; it will have a guide for it. But off hand, they (Dell laptops) often mark on the under side of the laptop with the keyboard mounting screws (K) if any at all. The next issue is whether or not the upper trim needs to be removed to pop the keyboard off. Often this can be tricky to do and tell. then once the keyboard is poped up the ribbom cable needs to be disconnected; 2 if it has a track point in the middle of the keyboard. So the best advice is to use the Service Manual.

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