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    About to pull the trigger

    Im bout to order the following:

    Panaflo 120mm 114CFM
    BIX III 1/2ID
    Swiftech MCW 55
    Swiftech MCP 655
    Tygon 7/16ID 11/16OD 8ft tubing
    20 hose clamps
    Swiftech Apoge
    MCRES Micro res

    Please critique if anything seems to be wrong. I am still a bit unsure about the fans. The BIX III seems to work fine with lower CFM fans from the what I've read. But, I care more about performance more than the noise. Unless these Panaflo doesn't offer a performance gain over the slower fans I think I may keep them. Any suggestions are welcome!
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    Panaflo 120mm 114CFM
    sure u whanna do that those are louder than room fans on hi

    Swiftech Apoge
    storm is better!!!

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    Why are you saying the Storm is better? Apogee is $10 cheaper, and it looks like a great product.

    Those fans are 46db, which aren't deafening by any means. You could probably get away with something more quiet since you're cooling a large area, but if noise isn't really a concern, may as well make sure the fans aren't the weakest link. You could always 7volt them later if you feel adventurous.

    Everything looks good, but why 20 clamps? Unless I'm missing something, you should only need 10... not that extra is bad.

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    The apogee also has a lower internal pressure drop...he could save a few bucks and go with a lower power waterpump
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    Higher CFM (>100) fans are actually recommended with the BIX rads. I'm actually using 80CFM and it's working pretty well. But since I added a TEC, I think I'll change to 130CFM to get the most out of the BIX. . .

    Like mentioned earlier, you can just undervolt the fans if the noise bothers you. I found this fan controller to be perfect along with this bracket so can change the voltage at the turn of knob.
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    This looks well thought out. I am guessing that your cpu temp is your bottom line since you are getting the BIX and the panaflow and the mcp655. I would bet that you will regret subjecting yourself to that much noise from the fans but its entirely up to you.

    I think the apogee would be the better choise because while there is little or no difference between the apogee and the storm, the increased flow with the apogee will benefit your gpu temps.

    Be sure of your noise tollerance then give the trigger a pull.

    Also, if the fans turn out to be too noisy, you can get reostats, which you might want to get from the start anyway.

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