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    Is my memory holding my system back?

    I've got an NF7-S V2.0
    3000+ AQXDA
    2x512MB of Corsair 3200XMS C2 V1.2
    and an ATI X850XT that will be here any day.

    I'm wondering if my memory is my biggest bottleneck at this point. I've got it running at 2.5 3 3 6 in dual channel mode and the highest FSB I've been able to hit is 217 with an 11 multi. I'd like to get the FSB up just a little more(who wouldn't) I believe the IC on my chips are CH-6. Thanks. Next year I'll be going to a dual core setup and as long as the memory is compatible in both I don't mind upgrading

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    Well, even if your memory is holding you back your CPU can't go that much higher. If you upgrade your ram it won't serve much purpose with an A64 system that can use dividers. Not only that, but the new M2 socket 940 boards will be using DDR2. Therefore, I think you are better off just holding out till your next big upgrade.

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