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    ASRock 939 mobo system not booting into XP

    I'm building a system and its not booting into Windows XP.

    Here are the specs:
    -ASRock 929 dual SATA board
    -Antec 400W PSU
    -Athlon 64 3200 Venice cpu
    -6600 GT (128mb)
    -Corsair Value Select 1GB (2x512mb) DDR400 RAM

    What happens is its posting and getting to process of starting Windows and it restarts.

    I suspected RAM at first, so I:
    -Removed 1 stick
    -Placed that stick of RAM in several slots, trying to boot each time
    -Tried my backup Kingston value ram (DDR400) the same way, no luck

    I tried booting into safe mode and it restarts when agp440.sys loading (I have selected PCIexpress in the BIOS).

    The hard drive I'm using was in a different system and still has XP on it. Is it possible I need to reinstall XP to get the system to boot? Any other ideas?
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    Yes, you must reformat and reinstall Windows when you switch motherboards. Even if you were to get it to boot it would remain unstable.

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    rseven is right, you have to repair or reformat/reinstall windows whenever you change chipsets

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