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Thread: my 6800gt OC

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    my 6800gt OC

    Well I finally got the card on water with my setup, and had an issue with the stock memory heatsink and my waterblock (they didn't want to share the small living space )

    So I was having issues with it locking up, and ordered some OCZ ramsinks

    OCed so far from 350/1000 to 450/1200 and running stable

    we'll see what the max is
    CPU = Intel Core I7 4790K @ 4.5Ghz - 100x45 1.25vcore
    MB = MSI Z97 Gaming 7
    RAM = Corsair Vengeance v1.43 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3 2133
    VGA = SLI 2x PNY GeForce GTX 760's
    HD = Crucial 256GB primary and raid 5 storage array

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    sounds good let us know

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    Very nice man. My eVGA 6800GT can get up to 464/1260 on air benchable. If yours is getting that high it should fly on water

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    464/1260? mannn..... i need to change my heatsink and ramsinks too.

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