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    Question Opteron 144 CABNE 0540 & CAB2E 0540 - How do they compare?

    I did a search on this and did not find definite results. I've got 3 CAB2E 0540's coming in tomorrow, and I'm wondering how they will overclock compared to the CABNE 0540.

    It was an impulse buy, tankguys was about to sell out, thought I'd buy one, then I forgot to fill in one of the fields, hastily I decided to get 3.
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    If I remember correctly, the later weeks of the CABNE stepping weren't too great, so the CAB2E should be better. Nothing is better than the early CABNE steppings though. I think the 0540 was the later week for CABNE but I might be wrong.
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    for week 40, i know the cabyes were hot (not literally)... for 28, cabnes were good. donno about week 44s yet
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    Hmm, for some reason I thought CAB2E 0540 was one of the best, maybe from godman's overclock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackfury
    Hmm, for some reason I thought CAB2E 0540 was one of the best, maybe from godman's overclock.
    I'm finding mine may be a champion OCer. Hoping for 800-1000Mhz OC. So far I have gone 500Mhz without any trouble.

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