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    My Specs:
    AMD64 3500+
    1GB of Corsair Value Ram
    200GB IDE HD
    300GB SATA HD
    TV Tuner card
    No video card (Sold 6600GT few months ago)
    2.1 Crappy gateway speakers (LOL?)
    400W PSU
    Some cheap MSI mobo
    Windows Media Center

    Ive been thinkin about getting a new rig and making my current rig a media computer where I would store all my software, music and other stuff . Something with like 7800GTX, dual core, 5.1 speakers, Raptor, more powerful PSU, better mobo (something like ASUS or along those lines), and 2gb of RAM or would you rather suggest I upgrade my current PC? I would throw in 2gb of RAM, new video card, new speakers, and other upgrades. Opinions?

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    I'd probably just go the upgrade route. You've got plenty of storage space, and there's no reason you can't do all you want to with just one rig.

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    Well if you don't have a video card and you plan on gaming, then definitely build a new setup. Having one computer dedicated to gaming and the other dedicated to other stuff makes it a lot easier, but then really expensive as well.
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    I say build a new computer, I'm guessing you have a decently high budget for what you are foreseeing anyway.

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    I would upgrade for another reason. Much easier to maintain the software on one system than two. A friend of mine would disagree. He has a 'race' rig for lan parties. Very little support software like firewall and antivirus.

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    I say build another. Its my favorite hobby, and Having once solely for gaming is a nice idea, then itll stay nice and fast, itll be for one thing. Use the other for everyting else.
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