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    Mobos that are socket AM2 ready...

    Which motherboards are capable of handling the new socket once it comes out??? For the ones that do, does that mean they can take DDR and DDR2???


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    ddr2 only. supposedly

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    what happened to the ASROCK uli 1695 chipset? it has 'support' for M2 but its DDR loll..

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    Good point, the ASRock board does claim to be able to take AM2 socket, but what about the DDR2. I think it would take a while for actual stable AM2 boards to be released.
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    Remenber that mem support is not up to the chipset anymore but to the chip being used, and their is no point in selling a board now with ddr2 as a dimm if their is no mem controller to support it.

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