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    in cs 1.6 should i have eax enabled or not?

    i play cs 1.6 a lot and i'm wondering if having eax hardware support enabled would help me any (in determining enemy positions) or if it would be better to leave it off

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    thats a good question, and i dont know the answer either. i dont have a full 5 1 setup goin yet so i cant reall test, but you could always give it a shot and tell us lol.

    i didnt think that 1.6 had the stuff for panning the audio all around you tho.
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    I have Soundstorm and a pair of Z5500s and I notice that with out EAX the sound is more clean and clear. With EAX on the EAX effect distorts the sound too much and makes it weird. It was the same situation when I had a SB live and the Z680s.

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    that's what i thought. i thought the sound got weird but the sound sounds better from other things while cs is open (winamp, ventrilo, playstation 2) thanks for the help

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    The way EAX works with eachoing, you will be able to hear enemies farther away then disabled.

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