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    Question DSL modem question/poll

    I going to go DSL, again, finally and I was wondering if the USB modems are still to be avoided?

    Had dsl at parents
    moved no dsl avail
    got married...still no dsl avail
    bought house
    DSL available
    Future APU system; Coming soon
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    My rule is to always aviod a USB modem. For all services DSL or otherwise. I feel that USB asks too much of the host machine. Call me silly if you feel the need but that's what I think.
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    I would stay away from USB if possible, like Don said. Go ethernet if you can. Cards are cheap these days, $10 or so if you shop around and most mobo's these days have ethernet built in.

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    If you go with a USB modem, and then later deciede to add a'll have a problem. Your host computer will have to stay on for the other computer's Internet access.
    If you go with a ethernet modem, then you can always just add a router later when you need that network.

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