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    Would this case be good for my rig?

    (My fault guys, i just realized i meant to post this thread in the Case section but any help would be great)

    I'm looking for a case and found this ATX one.

    I have purchased an Antec 2.0 SmartPower 500W 12V Power Supply. This should fit in there fine right? I'm also assuming that my other components should all fit too but can somebody help me out. Thanks

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    Everything should fit OK though I think you be disappointed in the quality and ruggedness of that case.
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    so the quality won't be that great? I'm not really too concerned with the ruggedness as long as its not really flimsy and the damn thing doesnt crack or break when i'm bolting up my components. I like the cases with that window on the side and the fan in the center of the window. Any other suggestions?

    WIll this case be good for air cooling? Is there enough spots for fans.
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