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    Best board for 2.0 GHz P4

    I'm building a new system trying to figure out the best processor/motherboard combo for it. I already have an AMD system and looking to build a nice Intel system. Preferably a board/bios that you can over clock. I was pleased with my last Intel system...CUSL2-C with 800Mhz PII. I liked the board. I've been away from the Intel boards for a while and looking for some advice or opinions. Anything I should look for when piecing this system together? Are there different size processors in the P4 family? Which is the best? Should I go for DDR or Rambus board? So many little knowledge. Thanks

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    For the socket 478 P-4 there are really only 2 choices if you want to use the 450 chipset and RDRAM: Abit TH7-II or Asus P4T.
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    Most people have the Asus P4T
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