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    question on a notebook ram upgrade

    Hi, I'm pretty familiar with desktop ram, but am pretty new to the notebook stuff, so any help here is much appreciated.

    I've been asked to upgrade the ram in an IBM R32 2658. Right now it's operating with a 1.6 p4-M on an intel i845D chipset with only 128mb of ram. The ideal upgrade is to 512mb.

    I can get a hold of, very cheaply and easily, two 256mb sticks of DDR2 533 SDRAM. Can this ram be used in the intel i845D chipset (just at reduced speeds)? Or will I have to just order some PC2100 of NewEgg?

    Many Thanks-

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    no, that DDR2 won't work - and even if it physically fit, 533mhz fsb isn't compatable with the R series.
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    thanks to you both!

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