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    NO! Only one drive detected! PLEASE HELP!

    Well, I got everything in today, and my computer is running. Unfortunately my Raptor is not detected as a SATA drive though. I have an EPoX 9NPA Ultra motherboard, and am also having a hard time finding what to install off their site to get this to work. I know what to do, I just don't have these floppies. Can anyone find them on their site? Because I can't.

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    Might need to enable sata in the bios or change the jumpers

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    My Hitachi SATA is detected, and there are no jumpers on SATA drives. Well, on the Raptor there is, but they are useless.

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    If there are jumpers on a SATA drive then you probably want to take them off, unless you know a specific reason for leaving one on and where it needs to go.
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    Try your raptor in place of your other drive and see if its detected, also listen to the drive to make sure its powering up (you may need to hold your ear very closely) also make sure the power connector is securely in place.

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