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    Want to start a new computer!

    OK my computer is messed up, I think it's the PSU though? You think if I get a case, I could remove everything from my computer and install it in the new one?

    I have a AMD Athlon 2400, 2x256MB RAM, DVD burner, cd burner, and Im taking all this out from my emachines t2482! Would it work or should I just buy a new PSU???

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    Well, what is the computer doing? Nothing? And you suspect the powersupply? Then moving it to a new case or a new psu may or may not fix your problem. I would first attempt trying it with a new powersupply, and just so you know, when a powersupply goes, it can take stuff with it( I.E. kill your hard drive)
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    um, so what is messed up with your computer? you never explained.

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    It has an orange light, also my harddrive works, I have on in this computer, also I might try out the ram on my other pc, but yeah it wont boot up though...

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    if the hard drive works then it might not be the psu. its up to you if you want to get new parts, but i would just swap out parts with ones you have to be sure what the problem is. might take a while but it saves money.
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    then what do you think it is? Oh also my mouse and keyboard are dead when I tried connecting them back then i booted it, i tried them on this computer and they dont work? What you think that could be from?

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