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    Microsoft Antispyware Real-Time Protection; Worth the Resources?

    Microsoft or Giant Antispyware Beta if you want to be more techinical has a service running by default called Real-time Protection. Although at first glance quite beneficial it is also somewhat of a resource hog topping out at about 8 MBs of memory usage. My question is if this process is in fact worth running, or whether I could have the same service done with equal quality and less resource usage?

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    as log as you have immunised with spybot and spyware blaster and you run checks regulary, surf with firefox, have a firewall, good AV, you should be ok TBH...

    the real time protection is more to notify less observant users of whats changing within their system, whereas you would probably just spot something has changed and then go about fixing it.

    i dont use real time protection, its not worth it.

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