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    Angry XP freezing prob

    Ok, so this is the prob, I can usually resolve most of my problems on my own, or with a little searching online, but now I'm at a loss.

    I have recently (last week), purchased a new system consisting of an Asus A8n SLI Deluxe, Athlon64 3500+, 2x512mb corsair valueram in dual channel, XFX GeForce 6800 XT pci-e, a 250gb 16mb cache sata maxtor, and some no-name case with a 400 watt power supply.

    Now my problem is this, I've tried installing windows XP pro about 8 times, I've tried a pre-SP1 version, one version with SP2, and x64. I've made the most progress with x64, but it still isn't working right. It freezes up after no set amount of time, usually, in fact almost always when I click something. I have all the drivers installed, all the updates are done. With the Sp2 version of xp it BSODs on me right after setup is about complete, at the last reboot.

    I've tried running it with only one stick of RAM, with 2 in single channel, and with 2 in dual channel, no difference. I also tried an old PCI video card, it also froze up. I have my OS installed on my 250gig sata drive, formatted at every reinstall.

    So I would really appreciate it if anybody had the slightest idea what the heck is going on with my system, it's really annoying cuz I can't use it in the meantime.


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    Did you check the processor temperature when idle?
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    LoL, guess I should specified that eh :P
    ok, proc idle is like 32, mobo 36
    voltages all within 5% of their values, except for my -12 wich is at 1.25, but this is through speedfan and I've never gotten an accurate reading on that.

    I copied my xp partition from my sata drive to a pata drive, still the same problem. Also when I try to run the video config for dungeon siege 2 it says I don't have the min. video requirements (32mb), when the drivers r all there and it shows up fine in the device manager.

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