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    Is 58 degrees Celsius too hot for 7800gtx?

    Is 58 degrees Celsius too hot for 7800gtx 256mb?

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    It would be a good idea to cool it better, but it can definitely handle 58.
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    What brickout said is correct however, if you try to overclock you will possible run into a common problom called "Thermal Throttling" where when the core gets too hot, the card automatically lowers the core speed. You can read up on that in RD thread on Nvidia card OCing:
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    Well the way the card is made is just so stupid. Why woudl they want the fan to face down and pull heat off of your other PCI cards? It's such a dumb idea.

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    Because most pci cards don't generate a lot of heat. I mean honestly, how much heat would you expect a sound card or wi-fi adapter to generate. If it faced up, it'd pull all the heat off your cpu and ram, which would make the card even hotter.

    And is that load or idle? I dunno about 7800s, but most cards can easily handle high 60s. It's not dangerous until you creep into the mid 70s.

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    Which way is the flow for the fans that come on grpahics cards? I wish I could water cool this thing, but I don't want to void my warranty.

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    haha, n/m

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDR-PIII
    haha, n/m
    good post.

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    It isn't going to affect anything unless you're overclocking the card, 58 is perfectly fine temperature. I believe the card needs to be much warmer than 58 degrees to start throttling in any event.

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