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    Can a Black Ice Dual 120MM radiator be non-mounted outside of the case?

    Is it necessary to mount a black ice dual 120MM radiator inside or on the back of the case? Can I physcially just sit the radiator on my desk outside of the case until I build a mounting device?
    Also, are 4 fans necessary on this radiator? Two- Sucking air in and Two- Blowing air out?

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    just use two fans.. that's what i think most of us use.. pulling air not pushing.. and swiftech do a rad box to fix it to your case.. or how about gut a 120mm fan. and bolt that to the rad. then put bolts through your case into the gutted fan.. cheep and easy..

    oops i read it wrong... yes you can just sit it outside your case. just make sure it isnt going to fall over

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    there shouldnt be a problem just sticking the radiator outside the case without mounting it for now. My friend has his setup like that for quite some time. Just make sure it cant tip over and have tha fan blades hit something and put someones eye out

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    very true noodlehead... water cooling is all great fun till someone looses an eye.. p.s my m8s got a dog called dudly noodlehead..and welcome to the forums..enjoy your stay

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    You can just lay the rad outside of the case. Just make sure that the placement of the rad allows air to flow through it and that you are careful not to tip it over, knock it off of the desk, or any other thing that may damage the rad or your computer.

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