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    Problems with lock ups/freezing during a fresh Xp install

    While doing a fresh install of Windows XP SP2 the install keeps freezing up on. The DVD drive will spin up but then just stop and no further progress is made.

    Things that were tried:
    Updated to latest bios.
    Changing up which dimms the ram was in; 1&2 -> 3&4. However, no further progress was made.
    Swapping out hard drives to a known good drive, which was a maxtor 40gb eide, no luck.
    Swapping out DVD drives to an identical and known good drive, no luck.
    Swapped out Vcards, no luck.
    Swapped out XP install disks.

    I wrote down the specific files that seemed to get stuck on regularly however, bios changes were made until ultimately I got stuck on the intel ide file, or something like that. Will post those in just a bit.

    I had a friend helping/doing most of the work sense he regularly has to similar troubleshooting stuff for his work, he said I should check to see if my 12v to the DVD drive is sending enough power. While I will be looking up this topic I'm just seeing if I can get any initial ideas from you guys.

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    have you tried resetting everything in your bios back to stock?
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    Allright sorry for the delay had family things keep me busy for awhile.

    But heres what I have tried since then:
    -Reset the bios to stock, then tried loading windows however I kept getting a ntkrnlmp.bin error 7 message. This was fixed by changing the power settings namely the apic settings.
    -Tried to load windows again, however kept getting stuck on different random files.
    -Used an alternate psu to power dvd and hd, this led to me getting farther in the install however kept getting stuck on a particular toshiba floppy driver for some odd reason.
    -Took out my hard drive an installed in my roomates computer, for windows install only, however a few key files didn't load due to a scratch caused by my old dvd drive crapping out on me. However I did get a windows load screen with the little load bar cycling through a few times. Unfortunately it was followed by a blue screen explaining one of the files was missing. Again dam you old dvd drive.
    -Figured what heck, maybe I can get atleast the windows load screen to pop up in my computer, so I put the hd back in my computer and after posting bios which I changed to hd as first boot prio it would just go to a black screen and nothing more. Tried standard power setup as well as my crazy dual psu attempt.

    Just a little confused, lost and very very frustrated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambone0750
    While doing a fresh install of Windows XP SP2 the install keeps freezing up on.
    Real WinXP?

    What mobo?

    What DVD drive?

    Have you tried an old CD drive? (just CD and HD only).
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    make sure you have latest bios installed.

    check cables on dvd drive or swap to new drive (check to see if any pins are bent on back of drive and mobo)

    tried this ?

    also remove all components from pc even second stick of ram. and try the install. make sure bios detects the drives correctly and yuo have them on different channels. jumper select them to master drives instead of cable select if you have it that way.

    make sure cpu and ram have enough volts and timings are correct.

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    oh and yes .. do you have another pc you can stick teh xp disk into ?

    does it auto load or is it a burned "backup copy" ?

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    Real WinXP?
    Yep, full version.

    What mobo?
    Epox 9npa + Ultra

    What DVD drive?
    Lite-on dual layer dvd-rw

    Have you tried an old CD drive? (just CD and HD only).

    @Master Barton
    Latest(9npa5c21) bio installed, 3.3 and 5 volts are reading the correct voltage in bios, and master dive jumper selected and reading correctly in bios.

    The cd is the original and after placing the HD in another computer I did a full install minus the misssing files due to the scratch from my old dvd drive. And I'll see if the link you listed will help me out today.

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    try another cd drive(a newer one). dont use a dvd-rom that can read cd's, i have had issues doing this.

    also check your memory, try it with one stick, had install issues a couple of times due to bad dimm.
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