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Thread: 506 or 521?

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    506 or 521?

    Im building an office computer that will be folding as well. Im getting an Abit AS8 board and 2x512mb pc3200 ocz value ram. My plan was to get the 506 for about $120 and try to get it as close to 200fsb(4ghz) as possible. I found a 521 for $20 more. It has HT, and is already at 200fsb(2.8ghz), so I probably wont be able to get much more out of it with this cheap ram. What would be the better deal for me in the long run? Is HT worth the decrease in overall mhz?

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    So no one has any opinions?

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    If the choice is between those two, get the one with higher FSB and HT. They will probably both O/C to about the same final CPU clock speed anyway.
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    well you could always run a devider on your ram to keep your cpu clocks up. for example, if i use the 3:2 devider and run 300fsb, i get an even 200mhz ram speed.

    i would go with the HT chip myself, as i've grown very fond of it. especially if you are folding and doing office work, it will help.
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