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    Low Aquamark3 scores - help!!

    Hey guys, I just recently upgrade to a Geforce 7800 GT 450/1.05Ghz.

    My Aquamark3 scores is 69,870 That consists of 11,347 GFX / 8,970 CPU.

    Why is the CPU score so low? (System specs are shown below)

    I've seen people with the same card running over 80k on their Aquamark3 scores.

    3dmark 05 scores is 7107
    3dmark 03 scores is 15,678

    My old card 6800 GS @ 525/1.2 Ghz did 66087 on Aquamark3, 6100 on 3dmark05 and about 13,890 on 3dmark03.

    The increase in performance is very marginal from the OC'ed 6600 -

    What do you guys think could be the problem? I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers between the card swap.

    My Cpu is a P4 640 @ 3.54Ghz

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    Well you need higher clocks on the CPU, 8,970 is normal for 6xx @ 3.54Ghz, I got 12100 CPU score @ 4Ghz with my 630.
    You are CPU limited in aquamark, thats why you dont get much higher score with faster graphics card.
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