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    A8N32-SLI onboard sound stuttering in BF2

    I thought I had solved a problem with my onboard sound stuttering in BF2. As it turned out, I had somehow turned on Software instead of Hardware acceleration.

    Here's the problem. The Realtek ALC850 chip on the mobo, using AC'97 codec, causes stuttering problems with the simulated voice-overs that occur during the game play. You know, "How 'bout some help over here!" and "Medic!". Anyway, the sound is very stuttery. Frame rates are not impacted at all. It's ONLY those sounds. All other sounds, such as explosions or vehicles are just fine.

    Has anyone else run into this problem? I've Googled until my fingers are blue and can't come up with anyone else having had this issue. There is likely a setting somewhere in the sound.con file that would help, but I don't have time to test the gazillion permutations.

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    Try messing around with different settings in BF2, I had a Audigy 2ZS but BF2 kept making it at "Software" for some weird reason. Maybe try reinstalling sound drivers or reinstalling BF2.
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