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    Help with AIM ads?

    i cant take it anymore.

    movies playing at 3:30am, songs, announcements.
    crap popping up when youre trying to do other things.

    its all got to end forever. no more ads on AIM, period.

    i know it might be done, but how.
    i had it stopped at one point but i cant remember how i did it.
    a little help would win alot of appreciation.

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    you could try switching to a alternate AIM client such as GAIM or trillian. I use trillian and get 0 ads. Also you could get aim adhack I've never tried it but I know one of my friends did so I can't vouch for how well it works personally.

    You can get trillian here:
    and gaim here:
    AIM adhack:
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    vote for ad hack or gaim

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    oh, yummy aim ad hack. oh so good!
    thanks talRW!

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    Been using trillian myself for years. I love it.
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    If you can figure out where the ads are loading from, you could pop it in a hosts file pointing to

    I have pointed to the loopback address, but the page still tries to load (intensely annoying as it opens a new browser window).
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    Theres something called viewpoint killer and I think it's the viewpoint player that allows those popups so that might be an option too if it works.I havn't tried it yet because I don't get those popups.
    The reason I stick with aim is for the file transfer ease and everyone I know uses it hehe.

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    I would say use a different client, I use Trillian on windows and GAIM while in linux. Both are excellent and I love the multi protocal support of each.
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    The only problem with GAIM in windows is the troublesome file transfer support and picture sharing (I use it at work). But otherwise it does well. Of course I get rid of AIM ads two ways. First, I make sure to remove any and all traces of the damn viewpoint software. That should be deemed spy/adware. Second, I run a back level of AIM (so I can talk while away) and a copy of DeadAIM...

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