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    Dual channel memory on an NF4 Ultra-D

    Hi, I've just built a system based on an Ultra-D and I wanted to know which slots the ram has to be in for dual channel to work. I have two 1GB sticks of Geil and I heard that the sticks should be in slots 2 and 4, the orange slots, but my Thermalright SI-120 covers up slot 4. Does it have to be like that for dual channel to work?
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    no, 1 and 3 should be fine. Some have gotten better results with 2 and 4 when overclocking. I will find out when I get my stuff installed tomorrow
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    orange slots seem to be the only ones that work right for me. i think i heard somewhere but im not sure that the yellow slots work best for when set the mem votage jumper on the board to the other setting to allow 3.0 or higher and use memory that like the high volts.
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    I was just looking through my manual wondering the same thing. I am just waiting on a couple parts before I put this together. They should have this kind of stuff IN THE MANUAL!

    also, Am I right in assuming I should have the video card in PCI-E 1, or can it also go in PCI-E 4?

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    you can use either one. i have mine in the bottom one because of the video card touching the chipset fan.
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    my neo4-f 1 and 2 is dual channel, weird
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    Quote Originally Posted by adriana
    my neo4-f 1 and 2 is dual channel, weird
    Well, yeah. Every board is going to be different. Even the DFI nF4 Infinity series boards have slots 1 & 2 or 3 & 4 set up for dual channel. Same with the Chaintech VNF4 Ultra. It all just depends on the board.
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