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    network ftp server

    Hi, I have a network hard drive that I plug directly into my router. I would like to set it up as an ftp server so that I can access it when I am away from the house. I am new to setting up servers, and I was wondering if I just install Apache and that is all, or if I have to do anything special since it isn't operating off a computer.

    Also, if there is any other information that you think I should know about doing this, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    If you want a FTP server just run apache on a spare rig. Those NAS, well most of the consumer level ones, use FAT to format the drive and you can only use FAT with it.
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    I thought it was possible to run it off of a network attached hard drive though? If I do need an extra computer to do this, I guess I wont be able to because I dont have a spare computer laying around.

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    Yes, you will need an extra machine to act as an ftp server. On Linux you could use something like pure-ftpd or proftpd with the NAS mounted on the Linux machine. You can't however run an ftp daemon on the actual NAS.
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