The mobo is a MSI Neo4 platinum from a friend, apparently he flashed the BIOS using the MSI online update tool, and never again was able to boot. Even with an old PCI video card it doesnīt post. i read dozens of how-toīs about boot-block flashing, but i still donīt know exactly which keys to press to get the mobo to read from the floppy, and i am not clear on how to build the disk since everything i read contained slightly different solutions. I have the BIOS and the flash utility from MSI but thatīs all i got from them . . . thereīs a how to on their site, but it is only for a regular DOS flash. on the end of this how to it says "if after flashing your computer does not boot click HERE" click! the page does not exist anymore! thanks a lot MSI!

Can someone please walk me through this?