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    Best wireless card for this situation

    Hey guys I'm going to New Orleans to work there for a bit, (Contractor) and they have city wireless hot spots for everyone working there. I'm on my older laptop that I now have running great (IBM 570E love this thing!) and I'll need a wireless card for it. Everything will be out of my vehicle when I'm on the road all day. So I need a card with really good reception in that situation. Does anyone know what the best wireless card to get is? Or maybe one that has some sort of vehicle attachment so it mounts on my truck like a small cell antenna so I can pick up the signals better? Thanks for any help.
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    you want to access while moving or parked? moving will be really difficult, but while parked a directional should do ya mighty nicely. I know of the free wireless, heard discussions amontg the people putting it al in place, and as far as i know the hotspots arent all that close to each other, so you would likely need some kind of directional antenna anyways.

    I'm thinking something like the senao nl2511cd plus EXT2 PCMCIA card with a pigtail and a decent little 14 db or so gain antenna would work good. i must admit i am a fanboy of this card, its whats been in my lappy for the last month or so (before that it was the orinoco) and i carry a couple little rubber ducky antennas, can usually pick up the work APs anywhere in town with them. (work at a wireless ISP)

    my reccomendations would be:
    add a N male pigtail option, to make it easier than ordering seperate
    and that antenna. ive used the exact setup, and hav no problem with it, except it might be a little hard to work with (shorty space between antenna and card) so you might want to change the pigtail to an N female and add in a section of coax,
    thats some decent relatively low loss coax, but its kindof big and stiff. about 3/8 inch diameter if i recall correctly. but it would give you the ability to move around some more. if you're wanting something thats omnidirectional, i reccomend getting the highest gain possible, as you might need it if you're pretty far from the AP you're trying to get.

    these are just my suggestions, definately not the end all answer, im sure others might have other preferences on it and all.
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