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    minimum laptop for world of warcraft?


    I'm just curious. What do you think the minimum laptop you could get to play world of warcraft would be? All of my friends are trying to convince me to start playing.. But I would like to be a bit portable sometimes. I have my main rig (or secondary rig) in my sig that could play it for the most part.. But I might want to be able to tote it around (like I can my Thinkpad).

    What do you think the CHEAPEST minimal laptop I could get to properly play? I don't need anything with good graphics.. just enough to get by with framerates that are playable (~20 I would think) on low settings.

    Just out of curiosity :- ]

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    I have an Acer Aspire 3000 that I played the trial version of WoW with. All settings at low. Frame rate in the 20s.

    Sempron 3000
    1.25 Gig of Ram
    40 Gig Hard Drive
    Integrated Video.

    It runs but it's not pretty.
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    hmm.. i know wow is a ram HOG.. That'd probably be my biggest problem. I wonder what would happen if I tried to run it on MY lappy :- ]

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    A decent CPU, gig of ram & a videocard that isn't Intel Integrated. Like maybe x300/x600/x700/9700/9800 - GF4/FX/6200/6600/6800/7800

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    I played on a Dell D600
    1.2Ghz P-M
    512mb Pc2100
    ATi Radeon-M 9000 32mb ddr
    30Gb 4200rpm
    Res: 1024 x 768 (sry i forget to add this)
    (Fps 0 - 30+...Avg was like 15-ish)

    The biggest complaint i had was loading cities. If i had a 5400 rpm hdd it would be playable in cities, raids or pvp

    More ram would help but the problem was paging, the hardrive isn't fast enough so it would back up and everytime anything would move the system would just load, load, load, load and i couldn t move. -edit- Another thing i had a problem was with heat, i had to take the ram cover off at times because it got so hot that the video card would underclock itself because it got to hot. I bought this thing from my school 3 years ago, this labtop range should be relativly cheap meow but if i could i would go with something a little better then mine, Faster hdd, more ram and better video.
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    I run it on a 15" apple powerbook 1.67ghz g4 with 512mb of ram quite capably, would definatly benefit from another 512mb of ram though (runs flawlessly on my desktop with a gig)

    *edit* just read you were goin for cheap, that kinda throws that setup out the window. Best bet would be to snag a deal from dell for something with a good bit of ram and a ati9500 or better video card.

    Keep in mind ram is your friend and this game will benefit hugly from having a gig to roll around in.

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    I just got a lappy and it runs at about 60fps at medium high settings.
    Turion MT37 2ghz/1mb
    512ram Corsair value 2.5cas
    x700 128mb dedicated
    Samsung spinpoint 80g, 5400rpm 8mb

    Having more RAM would help, my tower with one gig runs no hickups but the laptop does in heavy cities and it's not the proc or vid.

    My friend however has an older Dell lappy. She runs it at 1024x768 with low graphic settings medium distance drawing at about 25fps...which is playable in an MMO...side by side it's not pretty but it's not bad looking. Mosty it's jaggies you notice. She's running:

    2ghz P4
    512ram (whatever Dell put in)
    Goforce 5200 64b
    5600 fujitsu 80gig 8b (just replaced Dells HDD)

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    X700, 128mb
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    The picture looks great on my wife's lappy. She's got an Acer Ferrari 3200. It runs at 1024x768 with all texture settings high, and draw distance at medium. The only issue there is, the 512mb of system memory doesn't cut it. You'll need at least a gig to avoid some major lag issues.

    A64 2800+
    Mobility r9700
    512 system memory

    We'll be upgrading her to a gig very soon... so it should be running great after that.
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