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Thread: 4 New Case Fans

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    4 New Case Fans


    I run a P180 with 2 Aerocool fans, one stock TriCool fan, and the 38mm-thick TriCool fan in the PSU tunnel.

    I'm looking to replace all of these with higher CFM fans. Mind you, I live in Canada, and would prefer to ship from somewhere around Toronto, Ontario. All suggestions are welcome. As a specific request, though; I don't care about noise, and I need a high-airflow intake fan to create some decent pressure inside the case.

    Edit: The 3 case fans are standard 120mm fans. The PSU tunnel-fan is 120x120x38.

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    Look at Bigfoot Computers for fans.
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    T-DOT (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) often has better prices, but it all depends on what u like (some items are cheaper, some are not).

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    I don't know of any places in Canada that stock decent fans. However, will ship to Canada. Use the 220cfm Delta TFB1212GHE for your 120x38mm replacement. I have two of those and they're the best fans out there. Or, if you don't want to wait till they're back in stock, go with the FFB1212EHE. It's 190cfm and should meet your needs well. If you can fit 120x38mm fans in place of the rest of your case fans, I'd advise doing so. It's difficult to find a 120x25mm fan with decent airflow. If you must, however, I'd recommend the Thermaltake Smart Fan II. They come with or without blue LEDs, if that's your thing, and flow 94cfm.
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