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Thread: The Zboard

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    The Zboard

    Just wondering whether it's worth getting one of these, because I can get one with money off from the place where I did work experience. Anyone have any experiences with these?
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    ya i love it but its a little hard to get use to
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    Crap keyboard, buttons don't press right.
    Shift and Space keys are the problem, they need to be pressed pretty hard to work and when typing it just doesn't work right.
    Gaming set is pretty good, takes a few sessions to get used to but overall its a great feature.
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    I have to agree with the shift button having to be pressed hard but overall its a good keyboard. I bought off a freind for 20 bucks and it was worth it but I wouldn't pay 50 for it

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    i have 2 i like them but just for gaming with the gaming keysets
    just for typing and surfing stick with reg keyboard
    although i have no troubles with shift on either my f2 sticks with one of them on the typing keyset yet on the gaming set ot works fine

    they based in canada yet do have a warehouse in the usa they can rma from
    very fast shipping on returning one to them less than a week turnaround
    i spilled coke on my first one right where the connector is to hook the keypad to the base I told them that and they said they would look at it and dint charge a thing not even shipping so that means alot to me so bought one for my kids comp

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