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    Exclamation Ultimate case fan

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    I have three of those on my HE120.3 right now. Great fan pushes alot of high but can be rather loud. Best bet if you get these , get a fan controller as well.
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    looks nice buy noisy! can't stand pc noise..
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    lol i have the delta thats rated at 65db and pushes 220.01 cfm and it has become a paperweight. waaaayyyy to loud

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    I think I'm the only person out there who doesn't mind a load PC. Sure, quite can be nice, but a couple of fans don't bother me. I sleep in the same room as my desktop, which I leave on all night, btw.
    I would definitely pick up some fans like that, so what if my computer will sound like a large vacuum cleaner?
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    I have a 120mm Delta Focussed Flow on my Opty, it can be rather loud but some crafty BIOS settings crank it down when it's not needed.
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    Got two of those puppies, I thought I could run them at 7V and all will be good but when you turn them down they get this motor pitch thats worse. They are not made for cfm but for pressure so they are good for WCing and not as much for standard case fan.
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    I had the same problem Flip-Mode. Bad motor noise when undervolted and they also didn't like starting up undervolted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strida
    I had the same problem Flip-Mode. Bad motor noise when undervolted and they also didn't like starting up undervolted.
    Its not a problem its just the way these fans are made.
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    I use a 120v 120mm fan controlled by a reostat (ceiling fan controller). It has a microwire dust shield which for me is easy to clean.

    At low speeds you can not hear the fan. If I turn the reostat however to max power it sounds like a hoover and it totally overwhelms the 2 80mm exhaust fans on the back of my Iwin Q500a full tower. I would upload some picts but the file limit monster stopped me

    Now THAT is a monster of a fan LOL

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    i cant wait to get my w/c setup... i can only imagine what those sound like if i think my fans are loud lol

    i sleep next to (literally, case is on my desk, bed is next to my desk) my case, and while i can still fall asleep fine, i really would love to not hear the whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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