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    What 7800GT to get?

    I will be upgrading my vid card from dual 6600GT's to a 7800GT very soon. What I'd like to know is what company has the best reputation and quality with the 7800GT's? Also while looking at the different cards I noticed EVGA has several models of the 7800GT with model numbers ranging from 515 - 518. Is there and difference between them other than clock and memory speeds?

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    I got myself a BFG 7800gt OC. Can bench it 500/1200 on stock cooling... comes stock with a big ol' copper HSF.
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    EVGA 7800GT. Can score one for about $275 after rebate. Scores pretty well and they have a lifetime limited warranty.
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    Evga N516. It says 445\1070 but mine came 470\1100 plus Quake 4 was in the box rather than being something I had to send away for. I don't know what kind of deals are going now but at the time this was the best deal in my opinion.
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    i have the evga n517 running at 500/1200 on the stock cooler. scores 8320 in 3dmark05

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    I'd say go with a BFG 7800GT Thats what I got and it comes with call of duty

    2 sweet deal for only 300.00 at newegg...

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    The eVGA ones come really nice stock OCed, and you can bring it decently farther as well. Their step-up program is also a great future addition, but for the future of 3 months though. Mine came stock at 470/1100 and it goes to 490/1230 3dMarks benchable, stock heatsink of course.
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