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Thread: Trying for 4Ghz

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    Trying for 4Ghz

    Current Rig:
    478 2.8E\Zalman CNPS9500
    Abit IC7-MAX3
    4x512 Corsair XMS Pro PC-4000

    I'm trying to get to 4GHz, but I don't think it will happen with my current CPU. I'm guessing its an early Prescott because I got it when it they were first released.

    With my current setup i'm limited with my memory, which doesn't doing a stinking mhz above 212 without erroring out test #7 in Memtest. With a divider though I can reach 3.6GHz on stock 1.38v, 3.8GHz at 1.52v stable. 3.9+ is a no-go at all. Will POST at 3.9, no POST at 4.0

    I was thinking of getting a 3.4 SL7E6 on eBay (can't find it anywhere else, not 100 posts yet ) and seeing how far I can push that. At one point I was considering a EE chip, then I quickly decided against that when I saw their going price. Ouch.

    So I just thought i'd like some input\comments on how to get to 4GHz. I am working with Corsair right now on getting PC4000 ram that actually does 250MHz FSB.

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    have you tried increasing the voltage to the ram?

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    yes sir, my motherboard has a problem with the memory voltage above 2.8v and I didn't do the mod to correct that yet. Memory is at 2.8v, which I consider the safest max for TCCD memory, I think.

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    Back when I had my old C0 stepping 2.8E and IC7, I got amost exactly what you are getting. Another CPU running at 4 gig is really not going to perform that much better. Save your cash and upgrade to socket 775.
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