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    Lian Li V1100? what do you guys think??

    I'm thinking to get teh Lian Li V1100 case, I love my P180, especially the cooling performance and quietness, and hoping nothing less than that! what do you guys think?? and what's the difference between the V1100 and V1100Plus?? it will be use to house w/c system (with radiator mount behind, outside, the 120mm exhaust fan, planning that way....).

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    I was considering the Antec P180 until my component planning led me away from the cramped inside of mid-towers. I'm in the market for a good watercooling rig with enough space. Lian-Li is coming out with a new full tower PC-G70. Should be at retailers in early March from what I've heard.

    I just can't see getting a mid-tower... more space equals better cooling... Especially for custom cooling solutions (Air, Water, TEC)

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