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    Starting my first 939 build tomorrow.

    Hey people,

    My new toys will be in tomorrow. OPT170, DFI ultra-d, XP120. Wondering if there is anything I should know before I put this together. Keep in mind I've built lots of socket A's. This is my first 939 build. Figured I would get the scoop now before I start.
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    Nothing really special. You "may" run into issues with the XP-120 and memory installation/first PCI-E video slot. Other than that, it's pretty much the same.
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    nah, i setup a friend on an ultra d and have use the sli-dr and the expert before with the xp-120... always can fit mem into all dimm slots... albeit really close to the heatpipes of the xp-120 if you face them towards the dimm slots... but you can either squeeze them in under (they do fit) or attach it the other direction so the heatpipes are away from the dimm slots....

    One thing I did notice is that with the ultra-d and xp-120... is the xp-120 runs incredibly close to the pci-e slot.... This makes plugging in that floppy connector on the motherboard (some say you need it others don't) impossible to get to... i recommend plugging that part in before either installing your xp-120 or your pci-e card if you plan to use it.
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