Ok, my sound is cutting out at "random" times.

By "random" I mean that I can not detect any correlation between what Im doing and/ or when a application starts, to when the sound cuts out. The only change to sound settings I ever really tinkered with is "plug-ins" on WMP. Today I was watchin W&G from a safe distance of about 10ft, then 30 mins into video sound cuts out. This also occurs both online and offline. I know no way of getting the sound back to work, so I will just open WMP every once in a while to check and see if sound is working.

Another thing that might help someone figure the problem. I watch the flash tutorails which simply is a blank web page with a video player in the middle. If im watching the video then the sound cuts out, I cant play the video, but I click and move the little bar to different spots, but it wont play. Although, I can go into WMP and click play on my music and it will as just if it was playine music, but its not.

Im also thinking its a hardware component because when Im online and the sound returns it will play past audio. Such as when I log in it will say "you have mail", but if I log on when the sound is not working, then when sound comes on it will play the "you have mail" thing. I dont know if something is being overloaded or something, but this problem sucks like a vac.

Please help me because my music is my life... Yes, yes I should be getting a Ipod soon(via a bargin of course). Sorry for bringing my low-computer knowlegde mind to the forums...