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    ready to buy, need your aproval!

    100346 OCZ PowerStream ATX 2.01/EPS SLI Ready w/Adjustable Power Rails & LED 520W PS 1 $139.99 $139.99

    210112 Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (2002 Version) w/CD and license w/Service Pack 2 1 $94.81 $94.81

    120338 AMD Opteron 165 Dual-Core 1.8GHz 1MB (per core) 64/32-Bit Socket 939 (Retail Box-w-Fan) 1 $325.00 $325.00

    190680 ATI (Original) Radeon X1900 XT 512MB GDDR3/PCI-E/AVIVO/Dual DVI (Retail Box) 1 $534.69 $534.69

    100159 Antec Performance One P160W ATX Mid-Tower No PS w/Clear Side Panel 1 $101.99 $101.99

    110224 DFI Lan Party UT NForce4 Ultra-D Audio/GB-LAN/IEEE-1394/PCI-E/SATA3G/DDR/ATX 64 939 1 $112.99 $112.99

    140226 2 GB (2 pcs 1GB) DDR (400) PC-3200 OCZ Dual Channel Platinum (OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K) 1 $225.88 $225.88

    150939 Western Digital Caviar SE 250 GB SATA3G 16MB Cache 7200 RPM (WD2500KS) 1 $96.90 $96.90

    160132 Asus CRW-5232AS 52X32X52 CD-RW w/Nero & FlextraLink™ (Retail Box) 1 $44.00 $44.00

    Shipping: Federal Express Ground - Five (5) to Seven (7) Day: $39.21
    Sales Tax: $0.00
    Order Total: $1,715.46

    I have this saved a ready to order, im pretty new at this so i need someone to go through and make sure that everything is compatible(sockets, pins, hd...all that crap), this is from monarch and those are the part number if you need to check specs, im pretty sure its all good

    and i want to make sure that if i order this i have %100 of the things i will need to have a running computer, i have moniter, keyboard, etc.

    im kinda set on this but comments on build are ok

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! i have pretty much gathered all of my information from these forums and hopefully done a good job =)

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    do you plan to overclock heavily. if you do then i would suggest getting some pc4000. the sticks that you have listed are the same ones that i have and they are awesome sticks, i have them running at ddr520 which is unheard of with them. but the timings have to be at 3,4,4,7 to get there. i would suggest getting some pc4000 that has tighter timings then 3,4,4,7. But everything else looks good

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    Looks great, except:

    Can't you find that OCZ Powerstream520 for a cheaper price? $140 for it is pretty expensive.

    The Microsoft XP Pro w/SP2 is only like $80 elsewhere.

    I think you might like the Antec P180 better then the P160, the P180 is only about $5-10 more.

    You may want to look at G.Skills at newegg, for $200 their one of the best OCing sticks.
    Antec P182 w/ 3 Yate Loon D1SL-12
    Intel DG965WH Motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
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    WD Raptor WD1500ADFD 150GB
    OCZ Vertex2 60GB SSD
    eVGA 8800GTS 512MB
    Asus DRW-24B1ST
    Corsair HX520
    Scythe Ninja w/Panaflo 120mmx38mm FBA12G12M

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    ORDERED! went with the p180 instead, thanks

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