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    DFI Ultra-D Question

    Hi, a friend of mine asked me to buy him a dfi ultra d board, he gave me the cash and I paid for it on newegg, which was like 150 bucks back in the day now its 120ish, my friend being a dumbass threw out the box to the mobo, we also bought a processor for him, an a64 3000+, which he also threw the box out, and its a retail processor. Now newegg says on the AMD processor it has to be done through the manufacturer, do you think they would allow me to RMA it without the box? and on the motherboard, since he doesnt have the box for that either I can RMA that through newegg, but do you think it would be a big deal if I ship it back in an old NF2 box? I mean the product is still the same just the box isnt... He paid like 130 bucks for the ram and its 2gb patriot ram, selling it to me for 30 bucks and he paid 150 for the DFI board and selling it to me for 70... I also have the dead processor he gave me for free for me to fix or RMA

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    when i did 2 rma on an asus board they told me not to put it in the box it came in. they well go by the serial number to tell when it was bought and all that. the box tells them nothing.
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    I wouldn't worry about the box. I highly doubt they would refuse an RMA because you don't have the original box.
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