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    Question Help me choose

    All right guys, i have a choice to make.

    on one hand i have a hyper-threaded p4 800mhz fsb Northwood
    on the other i have a hyper-threaded p4 800mhz fsb Prescott
    Both are 2.8ghz.

    Which would you choose and why?

    I'm thinking the Prescott because of the increased L2 cache and SSE3 instructions. But the increased heat might be a problem. Keep in mind that this is a 478 socket, and i don't have to upgrade anything.

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    id take northwood if aircooling, prescott if watercooling.

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    Watercooling is coming within a few months. Do the Prescotts really get that hot?

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    They get hot but can take it, I had a 2.6c that could only muster out 3Ghz regardless of voltage, and this prescott 2.8E can pull about 3.5GHz at 1.5v on air and water cooling. Difference on temps was 65c air/load and 48c water/load. So if you want every bit of preformence possable then get the Prescott, for more simple cooling the Northwood.

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    Depending on what steppings you have, the 2.8C will probably O/C on average about 3.3 to 3.5 gig compared to the 2.8E doing 3.5 to 3.8 gig. The higher you can O/C the Prescott, the better they perform. As you already mentioned, they do run hotter. If you can tame the heat beast, go with the Prescott.
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