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    It IS possible to use ddr266 on new computers lmao

    My memory is getting rma'd and to keep my computer operating I put in 2x256mb sticks of infineon ddr266 from my old hewlett packard northie. I even have my chip overclocked from 1.8 to 2.4 on it. I'm impressed I was able to do it. I had to set the divider to 133 with one stick before I could put both in at the same time. When I lowered the divider to 100 and upped the htt to 267 I had to set the timings manually because it tried to lower them from 2-3-3-6 to 2-3-2-5. This is great though I have my machine up while my memory is gone.

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    well ddr chips are all the same they just have different speed ratings so yeah if you run it at a low speed it should be fine

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