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Thread: Fuzzy Logic????

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    Fuzzy Logic????

    I was installing this new mobo MSI 6528 Pro2, and it had some great programs to go w/ it. I love to get every ounce out my CPU and bus that is why I picked this type of mobo I herd this board was MADE for overclocking!! even has software that runs in win9x 2000 or xp that over clocks everything to the point of melt down!! Also the Bios has "load OPTIMAL defaults" also to boost you up. Anyway I have P4 1.5 , 512 pc133 Nvida 400 vid card and so on. I clicked on the Fuzzy logic and now Im running at
    1.740 MGHZ!!!!!!!! plus front bus went up to 136, vid clock up a couple to 38 and AGP bus up to 78.4.
    Is this all right or tooo good to be true? By the way whats the max you can get out of a P4 1.5? Is there anything else I can do or just leave it alone? lol

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    Smile Welcome

    Welcome to the forums....and also to the MSI club.
    I believe that MSI mobo's are listed in the top 3.
    I also believe that you can go further up with your o\c
    without the help from fuzzy logic III.
    Just make sure you follow the o\c rules.

    1) Experiment with small steps of increasing vcore and fsb
    2) Check your temps-full load
    3) Better cooling (case fans-cpu)
    4) Thermal compound if needed
    5) Test for stability.

    Take care

    MSI 6309-V2.0B
    1)P-III 550E@808
    2)P-III 750E@966

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