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    OS Switch When Vista Happens?

    I'm trying to figure out how many people in the world will be making the switch to a non-MS-OS when Vista comes out.

    I've gotten tired of having to call Microsoft everytime I replace some hardware or want to reformat. Ubuntu has made learning Linux a breeze, and I have every confidence in it's ability to do what I want.

    Anyone else plan to make a permanent switch?

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    While not a permanent switch, I've seen nothing out of Vista to make me want it. There has to be something extra special in there for the 360 before I'd even consider it. Right now I'm using Suse to surf and screw around with and XP for the stuff I can't do with Linux.

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    Most of the world who buys a new PC will be going Vista because most of the world orders PC's from Dell / HP / Comcrap / Alienware and other OEM's which will be ditching XP the first chance they can (after testing compatibility with their local apps)

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    The Ultimate edition of Vista will not have activation, if it is within your price range...
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    i personally am planning a switch from windows altogether [not just because of vista]. i'll dual-boot with linux until i've gotten everything working the way i want, and then windows will be going bye-bye. i feel that if i'm going to be paying for something [especially as expensive as windows is], it needs to work properly, and it needs to be fixed when it doesn't. vista may or may not be a step in the right direction as far as stability and functionality and all that go, but windows in general is still a ways off from being an operating system that i would *want* to buy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gt24
    The Ultimate edition of Vista will not have activation, if it is within your price range...
    And by "price range" you mean "eventually (if not already) on P2P and Bittorrent networks"?

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    No activation on Ultimate Edition? That cant be right, if that was the case, everyone would download the uber edition and use it, kinda like people use XP Pro with a coperate key.

    I will proably suck it up and buy the Ultimate edition, but this is the closest I have ever been to considering using Linux rather than Windows.

    Maybe I should just install 3.11 again :\
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    gonna get ultimate edition, love my windows xp 64bit =]
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    Yeah, Windows Emulation gets better and better as time passes, which is making me more and more hesitant to continue with Microsoft. I'm not anti-corporation, I'm anti-poor software.

    I already program for school in open source, and OpenOffice is awesome. As far as I see it, it's only a matter of time before Microsoft never graces me with is blue screens of death or failed updates again.

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    I will stick with windows XP as long as I can, then move into linux territory.. *waits for a really usable GUI*
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    XP is good enough for now.

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    I think the biggest hold back for going to Linux is compatability with software designed for Windows. For most things comparable products can be found for Linux, but not in all cases.

    Also while Linux works well on many different platforms that Windows won't, Windows does mainstream hardware better. You can buy pretty much any piece of hardware off the shelf and it will work with Windows. With Linux you need to be a bit mroe picky about what you put in the system.

    As for me I hav been using Linux and XP dual boot on my system for a while now. I have no immediate plans to switch from XP as my main OS anytime soon, Linux or Vista. I will probably just setup a rig to have Vista installed and use to get familiar with mainly because I work in IT and need to be familiar with whatever OS is being used.

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    XP or OS X only.... looks like i'm screwed

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    im looking forward to the interface that changes with the amount of power your graphics card can put out, also since i am a avid gamer i have to stick with windows on my main machine but my futur server and smoothwall will run linux
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    A friend and I had a chance to play around with Windows Vista (a beta copy) and I wasn't too impressed. It was obviously buggy, but we found the Digital Rights Management portion of the OS interesting. I think software piraters will initially have a few surprises.

    As for me, after playing around with Vista for a little while, I also did not see anything that impressed me enough to want to move from XP to it. For now, I'll stick with XP.

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    See this thread if your against vista drm or don't know what it is:

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    unless my school sells it for cheap ($10 like i got XP pro) i wont swtich but if they do sell if for that i'll get it and dualboot with my knoppix and xp pro

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    I will not be going over to Vista. At least that is how I feel now. I will admit I am dependant on windows and really don't want to learn Linux, but if M$ continues to go overboard I will learn

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